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LMH Mold

With news coming from Virginia of mold growing in Lincoln Military Housing mold homes, it is time to bring coverage to the overall issue at large. As houses continue to mature in age, the possibility of mold infestations have become a growing concern for all homeowners.

In a report from December 2011, over 200 mold inspections took place after complaints and concerns from a Navy military housing living facility operated by Lincoln Military Housing mold. Since the fungi took a widespread growth, the company has formulated a task force among property managers to bring awareness and visit the other  4,400 housing complexes and do a complete mold inspection.

Mold Classification

Mold begins as a type of microscopic fungus that can grow pretty much anywhere that consists of a humid or wet region. Although typically seen outdoors in decaying lawn clippings or gardens, homes have seen an outbreak of fungi growth inside their homes. Being able to reproduce through airborne spores, mold’s transformation takes somewhere between 24-48 hours. Beginning as a discoloration, mold grows into many different kinds of forms and colors. For example, some may be black, green, brown, white, or even orange.

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